Saturday, April 15, 2006

KANTEN Diet - Try BMI < 25

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Body Mass Index is reliable today to measure obesity.
There are a lot of measurement device for body fat.
But body fat index varies depending on time and condition. And it is a little bit difficult to measure correct body fat index.

BMI is easy to calculate.
BMI = Weight (kg) divided by the square of Height (m)

My BMI a year ago was;
90kg / 1.8 * 1.8 = 27.8

80kg / 1.8 * 1.8 = 24.7

The most reliable standard weight is considered as below;
Standard weight = Square of Height multiplied by 22
For me it is;
1.8 * 1.8 * 22 = 71.28kg

My weight 80kg is far beyond the standard. But it is OK as far as BMI is below 25.

Standard weight was calculated according to the probability of getting desease.
When BMI is 22 the probability is the lowest.
This is based on the survey of epidemiology.

If your BMI is beyond 25;
The probability of lifestyle-related illnesses is doubled.
It means you will get heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and so on.

In order to live long and healthfully, let’s try BMI25 or below!

Thank you.

Kenzo “Joker” Jokamachi

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

KANTEN Diet .... Basic Recipe 2

This is more easy to understand.

I do not mention any tastes or other ingredients.
But you can put various kinds of food and drink.

For example, adding milk and fruit makes good dessert.
I will introduce a lot of KANTEN menus.

Pleased note;
If you put KANTEN powder into already boiled water, sometimes it is hard to melt KANTEN completely.

Thank you.

Kenzo "Joker" Joakamachi

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

KANTEN Diet .... Basice recipe

Basic Recipe

Today, it is easy to get KANTEN in a supermarket in the U.S.
Most of Japanese supermarkets or grocery stores should have some KANTEN.
The most convenient style is powder. It is easy to melt in boiled water, easy to measure, easy to carry.
There is other style like a plate. This takes longer to melt and has to be chopped into water.

I sometimes stop by MITSUWA Marketplace in Silicon Valley. It is a big supermarket which has every Japanese food.
I like this place and like to look around.
There are many kinds of KANTEN. Approximately $1 for 10g or a little bit expensive.
If you buy that in a big package that would be much less.
I do not know in the U.S. but in Japan 1kg costs $50.

$1 for 10g means the basic diet can be started by around $10 a month.
3g per day would be appropriate. This can make you lose weight a pound a week at least.
This is cheap isn’t it?

The basic recipe is below;
KANTEN (Agar) powder: 2g
Boiled water: 200cc (7 ounce)
Stir boiled water before you put in KANTEN.
Put KANTEN powder a little bit and stir.
Just repeat until you put entire KANTEN powder.
Stir a little more and simmer up to 2 minutes.
Put it into a heat-resistant vessel.
Wait until it cools down to room temperature and put into the refrigerator.

That’s it. Quite easy!

See you next time.

Thank you.

Kenzo “Joker” Jokamachi

Sunday, April 09, 2006

KANTEN Diet .... I am surprised

What I am surprised …

I am Japanese, living in Tokyo.
Sometimes make business trips to U.S., mainly in the Silicon Valley.
There sometimes … even many times see fat people.

I weighted 200 pounds (90kg) 1 year ago. I am 5.9 feet (180cm) tall.
In Japan I was a little bit fatter than most people. Now I am average I would say.
But in the U.S., I am surprised at really many fat people.
This might depend on areas in the U.S. My friend told me some other areas have more fat people.

I can easily understand the reason. SUPER SIZE.
The size of food that restaurants provide is really big.
Everything is on one plate.
It is easy to predict you will gain weight if you finish the plate.

Your mother probably has told you to finish the plate. My mother did as well. It is the politeness. It is the same in Japan.
I heard the size of menu have been super sized more and more today in the U.S.
It will be difficult for many people not to gain weight.

I understand it is more difficult to control appetite. I hate being starved. I love eating.
Then what do you do?

The principle of diet …
It is not so complex at all.
It is to reduce eating or to increase energy out.

KANTEN Diet reduces eating because you eat KANTEN before meal and you can feel full.
You can eat usual meal, nothing special. But you feel full. You cannot eat the entire super sized meal.
That is very simple.

The most important thing is safety. KANTEN is completely safe during hundreds of years.

But you will be tired of just eating KANTEN. There should be mental motivation and ideas to keep doing.
The reason why I have successfully lost 27 pounds is CONTINUATION.
I am going to share the idea with you.
Please come back.

Thank you.

Kenzo “Joker” Jokamachi

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Greetings from Kenzo Jokamachi


I am Kenzo Jokamachi, living in Tokyo, Japan.
Have been interested in losing weight for myself because I weighted 200 pounds just one year ago. After doing a diet I have lost weight 27 pounds for this one year.
Thanks to KANTEN, I do not have any rebound at all.

27 pounds per year might Not be very successful diet compared to tons of diet methods in the world. There sometimes “-10 pounds, -10 inches, guaranteed in 10 days”, “surprised I did lose 40 pounds in a month”, etc..
I do not believe these exaggerations which surely, I believe, have rebound, unhealthiness, a lot of mental stress, or even getting into eating disorder.

I do recommend KANTEN diet to all people, even to my mother, wife, friends, or everybody.
KANTEN diet has a lot of advantages;
- Cheap, really
- Purely natural
- No appetite control needed
- No side effects
- Just food, no medical element
- Burns your fat

And I tried various methods of diet to myself. Some were expensive, some were not effective at all, and some were like hard practices.
But some are really effective, easy to continue, and free.

My diet method consists of 3 major factors;
- Mental program
- Light Fitness
All are really easy to keep doing.
And FREE, except KANTEN itself, which would be $10 per month.

The criteria of good diet should be;
- Affordable
- No big stress
- Easy to continue
- Not so place dependent

I do not control my appetite strictly.
I do not pay a lot of money.
I do not run an hour a day.
I can do that in my home, office, and on a trip.

Should you be interested in the method, please come back to this Blog sometimes.
I would like to share the method with you in a month. I have been writing down the document.

Thank you.

Kenzo “Joker” Jokamachi